Lucinda Blanchard’s debut novel ‘Swaying’ is about a mother’s obsession as she attempts to influence the gender of her unborn baby. The main character, Charlotte, embarks on a difficult and controversial journey that impacts her sanity, her marriage, her two sons happiness and her friend’s life.

The novel focuses on family dynamics and covers gender disappointment, high tech at home swaying, PGD (pre-implantation genetic diagnosis – basically IVF but testing the embryos for gender too), abortion, gender scans and the many feelings gender disappointment brings. You can view the details of ‘Swaying’ on Amazon Here

With over sixty reviews, Lucinda has had a large variety of people reading ‘Swaying’ and it has appealed not only to women who are in the main characters situation, but to those who have never come across the concept of swaying before. Her book is advertised on two American Gender Swaying online sites.

Lucinda has recently finished the first draft of her second novel – ‘Time Again’. It is Young Adult fiction about a girl who has the chance to go back in time to when her brother dies, to prevent his death. But there are consequences… ‘Time Again’ will be part of a trilogy.